Rewinding machines

Rerolling or rewinding of web materials can have a variety of purposes. Conventional rewinding and slitting machines are used to longitudinally slice wide materials into narrow strips. Sander offers the entire range of slitting methods and winding technology here, from simple edge trimming lines with simple un- and rewinders, all the way to fully automatic lines with automatic knife positioning devices, duplex rewinders, and other equipment to minimise set-up times and error sources.
Dedicated web-inspection machines with goods-inspection tables, short roll winders and other machines to rewind many different kinds of material are part of our delivery range as well.
No matter your requirements, we will supply the right machine for your rewinding process. Based on our tried-and-tested concepts and partly standardised assemblies, we develop customised rewinding machines for each and every individual case of application in close cooperation with our customers.

  • Rewinding and goods inspection machines

  • Rewinding and slitting machines

  • Finishing machines

  • Simple rewinding devices