Foiling line

Our foiling lines or protective film lines are used where high-quality or sensitive surfaces require protection. This applies in particular to high-quality, coated, or lacquered furniture panels, high-precision milled aluminium panels, sheet metal, and glass surfaces. Additionally, the line concepts are used to apply tapes to panels.

Technical features:

  • Robust welded steel structures

  • Easy to use

  • Various cross-cutting concepts depending on the operating mode of the entire line. Cut at standstill or while running

  • Foiling of top and bottom sides of the panel

  • Crease-free film application

  • As a stand-alone solution or linked to a production line

  • Reel change systems with automatic splice for uninterrupted operation and/or film format or film type change

  • Foiling without film protrusion or with film recess behind panel joint

  • Belt conveyor systems with adjustable stops to match requirements

  • Custom-made and suitable for your specific application

  • Use of high-quality purchased parts from renowned manufacturers

  • Laminating lines

  • Foliation line