Laminating & foiling

The term of “lamination” covers a wide range of applications where two or more materials are turned into a composite. Foiling, on the other hand, covers the application of films to a solid base, in particular for the protection of sensitive surfaces.

Our laminating lines are designed to produce material composites with the help of adhesives. Both cold glues and hot-melt adhesives are used here. Therefore, various adhesive application systems are integrated into the lines.

Not only liquid adhesives, but also adhesive films are frequently used to produce a material composite in our laminating lines. Sander offers all equipment in this area, from unwinders, laminators, delamination units for the removing liners, to winders or final size cutters, supplying anything you need for your specific laminating process.

Sander has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of foiling machines for surface protection for quite a while now.

All kinds of sensitive surfaces can be covered on our foiling lines. Sander offers the perfect machines for any surface, no matter if you are working with high-quality coated or lacquered furniture panels, aluminium, or stainless steel sheets, high-precision milled aluminium panels, single or laminated glass.

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