Cutting machines

Cutting of web-shaped materials covers a vast range of applications. First and foremost, one must distinguish between slitting and cross-cutting. In slitting, wide material webs, for instance, are cut into narrow strips or have their edges trimmed away. Shear cutting, squeeze cutting, blade cutting, or ultrasonic methods are used for slitting.

Individual material sections/sheets are cross-cut from a continuous material web or if the running material webs must be cut off during roll change on automatic unwinders and rewinders. Once again, a variety of cutting processes is available. Guillotines, rotary cross-cutters, transversely moving circular knives, scraper blades, or even ultrasonic cutting may be used here, depending on application. We will supply the equipment to match your cutting process, no matter your cutting challenge.

Our tried-and-tested concepts and partly standardised assemblies as well as high-quality purchased parts from renowned cutting blade manufacturers form the basis for our development of customised cutting machines for every individual case of application together with our customers.